Embrace Disruption With Innovation.

Our partners build lasting relationships with our network of entrepreneurs to help ignite business growth and achieve innovation goals.



    ​Embrace disruption by launching a corporate accelerator program focused your industry.

    • Help select top startups focused on your industry

    • Mentorship provided from experienced executives, founders, and investors

    • Gain access  to network of entrepreneurs


    Engagement Program.

    Engage with promising startups to future-proof your business. 

    • Develop a strategic plan to work with startups 

    • Engage with top startups in your industry

    • Explore Proof of Concept (POC), investment, or M&A opportunities



    Empower employees and fuel cultural transformation via a 3-day workshop focused on internal innovation.

    • Engage employees to drive innovation from within 

    • Rapidly advance internal business ideas 

    • Work with mentors from across the Unstuck network

Who We Work With.

  • Fuel Business Growth

    Drive customer acquisition by providing educational content and promotional opportunities to a dynamic network of entrepreneurs.

  • Engage

    Interact with founders via Unstuck startup communities, accelerator programs, and digital marketing channels.

  • Build Brand Awareness

    Elevate your brand within the Unstuck network of entrepreneurs, community leaders, organizers, event attendees, mentors, and growth stage portfolio companies.


Why Partner With Us

  • Gain brand awareness by engaging with startups 

  • Provide mentorship, support and comradery to founders

  • Reach target markets

  • Improve brand awareness within the startup community

  • Build relationships with community leaders and startups

  • Sponsor Local events

  • Build relationships with entrepreneurs and startups

  • Grow brand awareness within the startup community 

  • Support your local startup ecosystem


Our Corporate Innovation partnerships grow into long-term relationships that revolve around our three-month accelerator program.

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