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48 sentences that'll make you more money than a 4 year business degree

  1. People buy with emotion, then justify with logic.

  2. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $36 (if you know what you’re doing).

  3. Sell the transformation, not the product.

  4. Tell prospects your price, then, shut the fuck up.

  5. It’s easier to sell an offer that solves a pain than one fulfilling a desire.

  6. Whatever business you’re in, study psychology, cognitive bias, and body language.

  7. If your offer has a solid guarantee, it'll result in more sales than refunds.

  8. Memes are one of the most powerful forms of marketing.

  9. Copywriting is 80% research, 20% writing.

  10. Your service/product should meet demand, not try to create it.

  11. People don’t care about your offer, only what your offer can do for them.

  12. Using pictures for written testimonials will make them more believable.

  13. You don’t need a $2000 MacBook Pro, $967 logo, or a $87,000 degree to start a business.

  14. You become wealthy by becoming valuable, then becoming scarce.

  15. Quantify the timeframe of your offer.

  16. The market isn’t “saturated”, your offer just sucks.

  17. You can be terrible at sales calls if you have a great offer.

  18. There’s no such thing as too high of price, only too little value.

  19. Specific words and numbers are more believable than broad ones.

  20. A happy customer is the most powerful form of marketing.

  21. Sales is about listening.

  22. Marketing is about empathy.

  23. Use the words “you” and “your” in your copy to make it more engaging.

  24. Use headlines to steal attention and hooks to keep it.

  25. An average product with great marketing will outsell a great product with bad marketing.

  26. When stating your price on a sales call, say “It’s a one-time investment of ___,” not “The price is ___.”

  27. Charge “high” prices so you can deliver more value for your clients.

  28. Selling a good product in a bad market is a losing battle.

  29. Handle objections in your FAQ section of your landing page to increase conversions.

  30. Your sales pitch shouldn’t be over 2 minutes.

  31. Never sacrifice your reputation for money.

  32. To grow at the start, say “yes” to many opportunities, but to continue growing, learn to say “no.”

  33. Social proof + scarcity + urgency + risk free guarantees + bonuses = irresistible offer.

  34. Use Power Thesaurus to replace boring words with strong ones to increase conversions.

  35. The less you care about making sales, the more you make.

  36. It’s okay to fire clients that are a pain in the ass.

  37. If you don’t think you can help a prospect, be honest.

  38. There will always be a market for health, wealth, and relationships.

  39. Compete on value, not price.

  40. A 5th grader should be able to understand your writing.

  41. If what you sell is confusing, nobody will buy.

  42. Use the same words and phrases as your target market to increase conversions.

  43. Study talented fiction writers so you know how to write engaging stories.

  44. Your 0 to hero story is one of your most powerful marketing assets.

  45. Persuasive writing sounds conversational, not academic.

  46. People want to see pictures of your product or service in use.

  47. If you wouldn’t work with someone for a year, don’t work with them for a day.

  48. Give value with 0 expectations and you’ll get 10x returns in the long run.



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