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Free design tools you need for your next project!

Free illustrations:

  1. Undraw - Open-source illustrations for your next project.

  2. Open Peeps - A hand-drawn illustration library

  3. Blush Design - Find well designed free illustrations.

  4. Icons8 - Find free ilustrations and icons + much more at one place.

Free Icons:

  1. Iconbros - 21,000+ Free icons for you!

  2. Thenounproject - Free Icons and Photos for everything.

  3. Google Icons - Find 2,500 web optimized icons from google.

  4. Feather icons - Simply beautiful open source icons.

  5. Iconoir - My Favourite Icon library with no-upsell offers. Just Icons!

Free Stock Images & Videos:

  1. Unsplash - Find millions of free images att one place.

  2. Pexels - The best free stock photos and videos curated for you.

  3. Videovo - Find free stock video footage and templates.

  4. Pixabay - Find royalty free images taht you didn't find on unsplash.

  5. Mixkit - New free resource for high-quality stock videos.

Free Background removers & Image optimizers:

  1. - Remove the background of your images.

  2. Unscreen - Remove background of your videos.

  3. Tinypng - Optimize your images for website and SEO.

  4. Adobe background remover - Acess adobe's free background removal tool for your images.

Free Inspiration resources for entrepreneurs:

  1. Designmunk - A free library of landing page examples for inspiration.

  2. - Find swipe-worthy Marketing and copywriting examples.

  3. reallygoodemails - Find email marketing examples for next campaign inspiration.

  4. Facebook Ads library - Fo Ad campaign research and inspiration

  5. awwwards - Home of Website design inspiration

  6. Greatlandingapgecopy - Another resource for landing page design inspiration.

  7. Marketing Examples - Find marketing and copywriting inspiration for next campaign.

Other Free Resources:

  1. Avataaars Generator - Generate avatars for your customer support and web projects.

  2. My color space - Just enter a color and generate gradients.

  3. Influence Grid - Find Tiktok Influencers for your influencer marketing campaign.

  4. Tweetagram - Turn Your tweets into Instagram posts.

  5. Colorhub - Find perfect color palette for your next project

  6. cardd - Create responsive one-page websites with drag and drop.


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